OrderAVideo has 10's of thousands of dollars invested into the licensing of the images and music tracks, and countless hours of development so YOU have the ability to make quality videos in RECORD time! Click the link above to sign up for free, then "pay as you go." You'll pay only $1 per 100 words (with a $2 minimum)!


Need a video on "XYZ" NOW? Just log into your OAV account and you can have a video processing in our system, on any topic, in under a minute! Provide your own video script (in ANY niche), or use one of ours (in over 140 niches)!


OAV is REALLY easy to use. Just click a button, select a few options, and download your video. It is that easy. No complex software to learn. No learning curve. Easy to create, quality video, in seconds!


You might expect to pay "an arm and a leg" for such a system, but no so! You will pay just $1 per 100 words in your video script with a minimum of only $2! Yes, only $2 per 200 word video and only $1 for every 100 words after that!

Fully-Licensed Images/Music

We pay thousands of dollars for high-quality, fully-licensed images and background music, so you don't have to! OAV can auto-select these images and music tracks, or you can select them yourself.

Convert Blog Posts to Video!

You have sites full of content. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use those articles as video scripts and publish the videos to the posts AND to YouTube? With OAV, you CAN! Plug in a URL and OAV will do it for you.

Multiple Video Formats

Different video platforms require different video sizes. With OAV you can create landscape videos (ideal for YouTube and embeds), square videos (ideal for social media) and even Facebook header videos!

Our Simple 3-Step Process

It's THAT easy!


During Alpha Testing, we opened up OAV to a small handful of users and we had very possitive feedback right away! Here is what a few of those people had to say:

“I am delighted with the video!

I am delighted with the video! OAV is so quick and saves me getting distracted by all the choices.

“...can make a short video in a very short time

I like OAV for the way it is set up for short videos where I do not have a lot of options to deal with and can make a short video in a very short time.

“...really great for affiliate marketing

This is really great for affiliate marketing and product reviews!